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Expert historical research and consulting on all periods and places.

We are a team of Ph.D. historians with decades of experience, impeccable credentials, and connections to experts worldwide. We have access to resources open only to academics. Give us the questions, we’ll give you answers based on the most reputable research and analysis on any historical period – from the big picture to the fine details.

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Our credits include historical consulting for projects at HBO, PBS, ABC-TV & independent feature film productions


"Your work was speedy, efficient, and very precise. I'd ask a specific question or express curiosity about a particular subject, or tangent within that subject, and before I knew it, you'd provided answers and an extensive bibliography of primary sources - stuff I never knew existed nor had seen cited anywhere else."

-Randall Jahnson, screenwriter The Doors and The Mask of Zorro


"The History Studio was so instrumental in assisting in the development and the formation of our film 'Under the Apple Tree.'  The research they did on the life, speech, lifestyle, clothes, behavior, and politics influencing Americans during the 1940s gave our script the realism it needed.  I am a strong believer in research and making sure that you have all your information clear and authentic before your project goes to film.  Having a pleasant and organized company giving us all the materials we needed was the biggest benefit to me, as a producer."

-Leslie LaPage, film and TV producer and director, founder of LA Femme Film Festival

Ad for Jackie Coogan movie at The Leader Theater, Washington, D.C. ca. 1922

Ad for Jackie Coogan movie at The Leader Theater, Washington, D.C. ca. 1922